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Magnepan Mini Maggie DeskTop Audio System with Australian landed duty and taxes paid - 3 year local warranty

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Magnepan Mini Maggie DeskTop Audio System with Australian landed duty and taxes paid - 3 year local warranty

Put a 3.7 on your desk - Free delivery - Australia wide 

Steve Guttenberg said--

"The Mini (Maggie) is, hands down, the best-sounding desktop speaker you can buy."
(Awesome-sounding audio gift ideas, Dec. 17, 2011)


You have read the reviews, but maybe you do not have the space or budget for the new Magnepan 3.7.

Got any room on your desk? How about a miniature 3.7?
Yes the Mini Maggie System is essentially a 3.7 in miniature.
Because your desk is a known acoustical environment - we know how the Mini Maggies System will sound on your desk. In a word - amazing!

Want more? Add a second Maggie DWM woofer at the checkout.

Steve Guttenberg says:

"The first thing that grabbed me about the system's sound was its size. Sitting 3 feet away from the speakers the sound took on a three-dimensional presence, and the crisp attack and dynamic impact of well-recorded drums were on par with what you get from very high-end hi-fi systems. You can almost feel the texture of the drum heads, and hear the metallic brassy ring of the cymbals. With good live recordings, like the "Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East" SACD, I heard so much more of the sound of the band in that old theater.

The Mini-Maggie's tweeters sound so pure and effortless, I didn't think about their sound. It was just there, more akin to the way we experience high-frequency sound in real life, where acoustic instruments never sound tizzy or harsh. They sound just as clear over the Mini-Maggies. When you hear, say, an acoustic guitar over the Mini-Maggie system, you can't help but notice how much more it sounds like there's a real guitar in the room with you.

Piano dynamics, from soft to hard, came across with an intensity that no small box speaker can match. There's an open quality to the Mini-Maggie system's sound that's simply more natural than the sound that comes out of box speakers, and after listening to any Magnepan speaker, you're so much more aware of how box speakers contain and restrict the sound. Bass punch is another matter; high-end box speakers have more visceral impact than panel speakers. That said, my Magnepan 3.7 speakers play louder and make a lot more bass than the Mini-Maggies; what can I say, size still matters."

Need a DAC? Have a look at the Wadia 151 power mini amp - and read the review paired with the mini maggies - here.

Watch our YouTube movie - The Birth of High-end Desktop Audio on YouTube or below



The (included) mini woofer:

Mini sub included in mini system


Mini Maggie System specs


Mini maggie system comprises of 1 x pair mini maggie 3.7's and a DWM woofer.


Mini Maggies


"Without a doubt the White Bear Lake, Minnesota-based firm Magnepan has been on a roll over the past few years. First came the 1.7 floorstanders, which Jonathan valin described as "the most lifelike speakers I've heard in their price range-or anywhere near it." Next came the even more impressive 3.7 floorstanders, which Mr. Valin described as "the best buy in hi-fi at the moment," and that our founder Harry Pearson called "the best buy in hi-fi of all time."

Now, Magnepan has rolled out its new flagship 20.7 floorstander, of which TaS' Jacob Heilbrunn has written, "I defy you to find (a speaker) at up to five times the cost with the scale and realism of the 20.7." all three of these tall, thin, dipolar loudspeakers are capable of delivering a big, pure, lifelike sound that is eerily coherent, and of doing so while delivering exceptional value for money.

But strangely enough, the firm has also recently released a fourth new model-the compact, three-piece Mini Maggie desktop speaker system, which for some reason has gone largely unnoticed. This review will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Mini Maggie system and explain why-for certain listening scenarios-it just might be the most desirable Magnepan of all. "

Mini Maggie system featured in The Absolute Sound - Loudspeaker Buying Guide October 2012 - download the full review here.


MIni Maggies



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