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Magnepan MG1.7iQR, Sanders Pre-amp and Sanders Magtech Power combination

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Magnepan MG1.7iQR, Sanders Pre-amp and Sanders Magtech Power combination

Congratulations are in order when you invest in a wonderful musical instrument such as the Maggie MG1.7iQR.
Correctly matched and set-up they will reward you with a lifetime of musical pleasure, and the Magtech Amplifier brings the best out of the Maggies, and we have done that for you here.

On lesser amplifiers the MG1.7i will perform well, on all but the worst recordings be it the heaviest of rock, or electronic based music styles, however, when you add the Sanders Magtech amplifier, with 900 watts RMS into 4ohms, you will be more than pleasantly will be rewarded with a hi-end system to please the audiophile and the music lover in you.

And with all music styles, including jazz, rock, pop, blues, orchestral, country, gospel, soul etc will surely engage you with a natural three dimmensional presentation.

Add your choice of source to complete your system.

This combination will satisfy your long term enjoyment of music and movie playback.

The total investment for the 1.7i's [$4,400 Deluxe model - your choice of Aluminium or Timber trim], Sanders Pre-amplifier [ $5,990 ] and Magtech Stereo Power Amp [ $8990 ] is $17,990.


Recommended upgrades

For $999, a pair of braced and spiked Maggie speaker stands that will improve every aspect of your new Maggies considerable musical ability. 
Upgrade the supplied Magnepan fuses to the Hi Fi Tuning Supreme models POA





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