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Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wi-Fi music system - Was $499 SAVE $200

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Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wi-Fi music system - Was $499 SAVE $200

All your music. Room-filling sound.

The music you love, now easier to enjoy. The SoundTouchTM 20 Series II system uses your home Wi-Fi to give you wireless access to 20,000 Internet radio stations from around the world, your music library, and music services like Deezer, Pandora® and Spotify®. You can assign any station or artist to your presets so they're always just a touch away. If you have home Wi-Fi, you have all you need-and set up is quick and easy.



• Wireless connection via your home Wi-Fi
• Enjoy music services like Deezer, Spotify and Pandora
• One-touch access to your music with six personalised presets
• Clear, full-range sound from a compact speaker for any room in your home
• Powerful control with the SoundTouchTM app for your computer, smartphone or tablet
• Customise zones for different music in different rooms, or play the same music in every room (with additional SoundTouchTM products)
• Choice of colour-now available in Black or White finish


Plentiful sound

Yes, it's compact. But the SoundTouchTM 20 Series II system delivers sound way beyond its size. Custom-designed transducers produce surprisingly clean mid and high frequencies so vocals and instruments sound lifelike, while an advanced ported enclosure gives the sound sufficient punch to easily fill a room. Meanwhile, proprietary digital signal processing keeps the performance evenly balanced, whether you crank the volume or play it at late-night bedside levels. Compare it to any other Wi-Fi speaker this size. We think you'll find there's no comparison.

Welcome to the world of streaming music

Not just another speaker

SoundTouchTM is an entirely new way to stream music wirelessly around your home, easier than ever before. And it's the way we'll all enjoy our favourite music for years to come. We're excited by the possibilities and dedicated to making it a great experience. System setup is straightforward-the SoundTouchTM app provides guided instructions on your computer or laptop. In minutes, you'll be enjoying the music you love.

SoundTouchTM systems are designed to take advantage of the expanding world of streaming music. We'll add more of the world's most popular music services, like DeezerTM.


Music is one touch away


When it comes to music, you know what you like. That's why SoundTouchTM Wi-Fi music systems feature six presets that can easily be set (and changed) directly on the system or with the free SoundTouchTM app. Just like that, your favorite music is ready at the touch of a button. It's a revolutionary approach that makes streaming music as easy as turning on a light-only much more fun.

Powerful SoundTouchTM app


The SoundTouchTM app gives you all the control you need to access music on your system. Use it to drag and drop any music source-a favourite Pandora station, a playlist, Internet radio-to your six presets. Now they're just a touch away. But when you want to venture beyond your presets, use the app to stream any song or station directly from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Browse the online musical universe or your own music library to your heart's content. And with more than one SoundTouchTM system in the home, you can use the app to play the same music everywhere or play different music in different rooms.

Built for multi-room audio

If you truly love music, you want it to flow through your home. That's why there's a SoundTouchTM system for every room in the home-from small and portable speakers to home theater. Start with any one SoundTouchTM system, and keep adding them whenever you'd like. These systems work together to create a multi-room listening experience, so you can play the same music everywhere or listen to different music in different rooms-even outdoors.


More features: SoundTouchTM 20 Series II system 

• Easy smartphone/tablet setup via app, no computer or USB cable required
• OLED display provides source and song/station info, no need to peek at your smartphone or tablet
• Infrared remote for choosing presets, rating music (thumbs up/down), plus standard functions
• Aux input enables audio connections from other sources, increasing versatility of system
• Ethernet port for wired connection to home network, if preferred



Colour Selection - Choose one option   Black


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