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Magnepan CC5 Centre Channel Loudspeaker with Australian landed tax and duties paid and 3 year local warranty

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Magnepan CC5 Centre Channel Loudspeaker with Australian landed tax and duties paid and 3 year local warranty

Curved 2 way Quasi ribbon centre channel to match MMG,MG12,1.6 and MG1.7/1.7i when used in a multi channel system.


The Magneplanar CC5 employs a horizontal, curved quasi-ribbon tweeter and midrange. No dynamic woofers are employed. 

When used with the appropriate bass management system or bass augmentation, full-range Magneplanar performance can be achieved for the most critical part of your home theater system.

CC3 side angle view

For the very best performance add the Magnepan DWM Woofer. An experienced Maggie reviewer, Michael Trei, Sound + Vision, November 2010 said it best...


"No matter what type of movie I played, dialogue clarity was always exemplary. I would rate the CC5 as the most focused and transparent center channel speaker I've yet encountered, with none of the off-axis frequency response anomalies you hear with some dynamic models. The CC5 was able to lock the dialogue to the center of the screen with razor-sharp precision over a wide arc of listening positions, and it made even voices buried way down in the mix easy to comprehend."


This was no easy task. All speaker companies must deal with the same issues for home theater. The space and height available for the center channel speaker is dictated by the video. For a speaker designer, it is the equivalent of "tying one arm behind their back." The center channel speaker does approximately 60-70% of the "heavy lifting". It is ironic that the most important speaker for home theater has major design constraints. Magnepan's solution to this dilemma was to employ all three speakers (front left, center and right) to work together to create the illusion of a large Maggie in the center. Most ribbon and electrostatic speaker companies employ a dynamic midbass coupler to cover the range between the subwoofer and the ribbon or electrostatic driver. In our opinion, that is an unacceptable compromise for the most important speaker in the home theater system.

The CC 5 is not a "plug and play" center channel speaker. For a more detailed explanation of how to achieve full-range Maggie Sound for the center channel, please review the CC 5 setup instructions in the manual section.

Maggie Woofers

The Magneplanar Woofers (DWM and DW 1) are nice additions to a Maggie home theater system. Achieving the illusion of a large Maggie in the middle for a center channel is better accomplished using a Maggie Woofer vs. dynamic subwoofers.


In, John Potis writes, ..."The Magneplanar system is HDTV's sonic equivalent. What it does is highlight previously unnoticed ambient details that draw you into the experience to a whole new level"... "the level of detail I gleaned from the center-channel speaker was startling and revelatory."

OPTIONAL - Add a DWM? (Magnepan bass woofer panel - special package only price)   Magnepan DWM - Single     + $1,395.00
  Magnepan DWM - Pair     + $2,700.00

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