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Upgrades and Tweaks

Repairs and Refurbishment

We offer a complete repair and restoration service on all Magnepan speaker products. Servicing all Australian States and Territories.

Please email or telephone your special requirements to us.

Ph: 1300 995 448


Custom braced stands to suit all Magnepan models - Australian made!


Introducing Custom Made braced stands to suit all Magnepan Loudpspeaker models...tubular brace pieces, which are filled with crushed garnet and sealed before powder coating. The bases are 8mm solid steel which, once the speakers are bolted into place, will be very difficult to make resonate without concerted effort. 


Magnepan braced speaker stands 




HiFi-Tuning "SilverStar" & Silver/Gold Fuses

New "SilverStar" fuses from HiFi-Tuning

Sometimes less is more.

We have had great success with the gold-plate-over-silver fuses from HiFi-Tuning in Germany, but wait till you hear the new unplated SilverStar version! Even more speed, dynamics, and enhanced clarity results from this simplification of the fuse materials, now all silver tip-to-tip the SilverStar.

The anti-resonant ceramic fuse body is retained, and of course HiFi-Tuning remains the only fuse manufacturer capable of producing fuses with a pure silver burn wire. Why is this important? Because in all other upgrade fuses the copper -based burn wire will degrade over time due to oxidation (silver oxide is a good conductor). And just forget about the tin burn wires in commercial fuses!

The "hot rod" SilverStar gets the same cryogenic treatment as the gold-plated version, and they are directional as indicated by the HiFi-Tuning logo.

SilverStar fuses are initially available in the 20mm size only (fast and slow blow). 

And now the larger fuses will are available in a SilverStar version.

Silver Star Fuses

Silver Fuses

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