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Lampizator DAC now available for audition, and purchase, here at Mcleans

10 Jul 2012

Says designer Lukasz Ficus: 'From Poland with love'...

Author: Bill Mclean

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Sanders Sound pre-amp garners glowing review at

05 Jul 2012

"Considering the price and performance, I doubt youll find anything better without spending significantly more"

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ql Signal Completion Stage at T.H.E Show Newport

13 Jun 2012

Read the latest review (from

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Positive Feedback ISSUE 61 May/June 2012

18 May 2012

Magnepans Triumphant 3.7 Loudspeakers & BSG qol "Sonic Conpletion" Unit - By Jim Merod

Author: Jim Merod

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The ql Signal Completion Stage is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows...and it did on our contracted technician!

05 May 2012

How do you measure the imeasureable?

Author: Bill Mclean

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The Birth of High-end Desktop Audio

19 Mar 2012

Mini maggies. Put a 3.7 on your desk top... and see our exclusive footage!

Author: Mcleans

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Neil Young: Steve Jobs shared desire for better sound

08 Mar 2012

Neil Young says Jobs was such a music fan that he listened to vinyl when at home.

Author: AP

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February 2012 - JVC announces new Home Theatre Projectors with 4K Precision

24 Feb 2012

JVC has introduced the world's first HD upconverting home theatre projectors that display 2D HD content with full 4K precision.

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Silver Circle Power Conditioners featured in 3 systems at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show see the photo's here

18 Jan 2012

Manufacturers want to reproduce the best sound possible for their prospective customers...

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Read why it is worthwhile to travel to East Gosford to audition Magnepan 20.7 loudspeakers - due end of May

13 Jan 2012

Save money on your new hi-performance louspeakers or hi fi system

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