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23 Oct 2014

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We have some openings in 2015 for our customers to make Avical Australia Professional Calibration bookings - if you have a plasma, LCD TV or projector and are interested in securing a booking please get in touch.
(Phone 4324 2511 or email

Depending on if you want just 2D and 3D calibrated, or just 2D, a calibration for a flat panel display will cost around $395 - $495.
(A separate calibration is required for 3D to allow for colour shift and the change in brightness introduced by the glasses.)

A projector calibration will cost around $595-$695.

All calibrations include a comprehensive report of all the settings for your personal records.

(The below video shows how it works.)

Picture Perfect....??

A good quality display may not have the best quality picture straight out of the box, but it will have the ability to be properly calibrated to set global imaging standards. Calibrating your display is much like tuning a guitar. Once the guitar is tuned to a certain standard, it will sound as it should.

Likewise, once your TV or projector has been properly calibrated, you'll see detail previously missing from the picture due to incorrect settings, you'll see realistic colours and flesh tones and, you will be able to immerse yourself in your favourite movies, knowing you're seeing all the colour and detail the creators intended you to see.

Bottom line is: if you're buying a good quality TV and you don't get it calibrated, you are simply not getting what you paid for!



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