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Customer feedback / review: Magnepan MG12QR

21 Jan 2014

"Listening to one type of speaker for 35 years you get used to a particular sound, not to mention a particular look..."

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No wonder Soundkeeper Recordings are so good, check their speakers!

06 Aug 2013

Our goal is to explore the idea of records that sound like performances.

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John Darko finds a favourite sound at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2013

04 Jul 2013

‘Best in Show’ runner-up: Magnepan Super MMG

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Meet Your Maker

23 Apr 2013

Hi-Fi+ Visits Magnepan

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Magnepan new MMG the 'Find of the show' at RMAF 2012

23 Oct 2012

'...Magnepan can pull together a great sounding loudspeaker for, frankly, peanuts...'

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Mini Maggie system featured in The Absolute Sound - Loudspeaker Buying Guide October 2012

06 Oct 2012

"This review wil..explain why-for certain listening scenarios-it just might be the most desirable Magnepan of all." Read the full review here.

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The Birth of High-end Desktop Audio

19 Mar 2012

Mini maggies. Put a 3.7 on your desk top...and see our exclusive footage!

Author: Mcleans

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John Atkinson of Stereophile on 'The upward price spiral' and comments on Magnepan

13 Jan 2012

Read this and understand why the new 20.7 is priced at just $1,000 more than the 20.1

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First Listen: Magnepan’s New Flagship 20.7 Loudspeaker

19 Dec 2011

Is it better than the 20.1? No, it is not. It is vastly superior.

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Magnepan is the new cool.

01 Dec 2011

Magnepan Magneplanar 1.7 Speakers featured in Men's Health.

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