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18 May 2015

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Music at home sounds more like live music - with Magnepan.

"The Magnepan .7 redefines the state of the art for affordable high-end speakers" - Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"The sound was startlingly realistic, and somehow the .7s were doing a better job conjuring a full-bodied human voice than a lot of much more expensive speakers I've reviewed over the last 18 years...

Details and textures abound -- the sound of Miles' trumpet and the "On the Corner" rhythm section were fully present. With Aphex Twin's deliciously palpable electronica the .7 speakers again unraveled the densest of sounds, which floated free of the actual locations of the panels. With Magnepans, music at home sounds more like live music."

Steve Guttenberg's full review on CNET is here.

View all the MG.7 details in our store:

The standard model with bent steel feet.

The deluxe model with oval acrylic base (pictured).


New from Magnepan MG.7

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