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02 May 2014

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Dave assesses his recent Magnepan MG12 experience...

"Hi Bill,

Just thought I would drop you a line about my recent purchase. I have found audio nirvana in my room after close to 2 weeks of measurements and listening.

I have a corrected room response of +/- 5db over the entire audio range including the two Rel T2 sub bass units. The results are the same down to 63 Hz, without the subs, where the MG 12’s on their own drop off to be - 4.5 db at 63, -5 at 50 and then -7 @40 corrected. This is still very good.

I followed the manual to begin placement, each time resetting 0 Khz to 0db, I then ran the Stereophile frequency tests to obtain the smoothest position for these speakers. I began with tweeters on the outside and then swapped to the inside.

Finally, after over 40 position changes, the now marked position is 800mm from the side walls to speaker centre. 1110mm from back wall to front outside edge and 1050mm to front inside edge of the panels. Tweeters are on the inside. They are 2.7 mtrs apart and 3.3 mtrs to the listening position from each speaker. The seat is 1.65mm from the back wall.

I had to address the back, out of phase, issue. I placed corner absorption on both front corners and put some audio diffusers directly behind the speakers. These were two partially full 1.2 mtr tall dvd/tape storage towers with varying tape / dvd positions. Worked a treat. Then, there it was, the soundstage with pin point accurate vocals and instruments.

On the stereophile test disc is a speaker burn in track which is on repeat every time I am not in the room. Closing on 100 hrs of break in now and they continue to sound fabulous.

Thanks again for your insight into this product. Every thing we discussed has been very beneficial.
I don’t seem to be able to keep my dad at his house any more. Still it is good to hear even a theatre organ appear in your room."

Dave M

(Thanks for the feedback Dave & happy listening!)

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