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Installation Enquiries

Our sales consultant will be sure to help you find the the best possible solution for your needs and will offer an installation service by our trained and licensed installers, where appropriate. Servicing the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and beyond.

And every day we receive positive feedback for the results our dedicated installation team achieve as they undertake this exacting last step of your purchase. 

Of course there are many enthusiasts who want to install their new equipment themselves, and that can be an enjoyable experience, especially when audio and video is your hobby...

However, if you are not an enthusiast with hard earned experience, or you just don't have the time nor the expertise, then our trained installers can install your new or existing equipment/system for you.

Todays technologies promise to deliver to you a superior aural and visual result than your previous equipment, and with the correct installation you will achieve exactly that.   

Installation rates can vary, depending on the works to be performed, where possible we can provide you with total price, or we will offer to work on a do and charge ' basis when appropriate.  

Please provide your details and requirements in the form below, and we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours during business hours, thank you. 

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